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An App For Decision Making 

Do you feel safe while in public spaces? Or inside your house? Take our Safety Survey and help us build a safer future. 

Be a part of our mission to make the world a safer place!

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Our Data

Our Data=Your Data 

Every day, more and more people send us surveys, and so we want to share the love! 

We've cleaned, prepped, and cooked up some steamin' hot statistics for you to enjoy. Click through the pictures to see how others feel. 

Our live interactive map is coming soon! 

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How the App Works


Open the app and sign up


Start new survey


Take the survey and finish it!

About Us
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Our Story

We believe in that everyone should be able to move freely and without fear. 

While researching public safety data, we realized that most of the publicly available safety data focused on crime. We thought that was wrong. Crime data only captures a small part of the public safety story. 

How people FEEL in different environments impacts their choices profoundly. We were curious about it, and we thought others might be as well. That is why we built the Safety Survey App and the Safety Stats Dashboard. 

In case you are curious too. 

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